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HydroFLOW® provides the ultimate in water care technology to domestic users as well as global business, industry and consumers.

In hard water areas limescale can be a major problem, causing blockages, requiring replacement of equipment and decreasing heating efficiency for domestic users as well as industry. HydroFLOW® represents the pinnacle of limescale protection, and is designed to protect against hard limescale deposits in pipelines and on heating elements and surfaces, to protect appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines, and to make limescale-stained surfaces easier to clean.

In industry HydroFLOW® provides a range of benefits - as well as treating limescale it can prevent bio-fouling and offer chemical-free solutions with a difference. We do this by applying the very best in scientific understanding and discovery, leading product innovation, proven application and unrivalled service, tailored to our customers.

Whether in domestic or industrial settings, HydroFLOW® is designed to reduce the buildup of hard limescale encrustations and remove existing deposits.
Many businesses are looking to reduce chemicals, both from a cost and an environmental viewpoint. HydroFLOW® provides the opportunity to reduce or eliminate chemicals, saving money and protecting the environment.
From maintaining heating and cooling equipment at maximum efficiency, to reducing chemicals and water wastage, HydroFLOW® can save you money.


From domestic units to commercial HydroFLOW® units are working all over the world on multiple applications, treating carbonate and non-carbonate scaling and filtration issues in a wide variety of industries.


HydroFLOW® Pearl Domestic

With its innovative patented design and unique, electronic signal, the Pearl is suitable for installation in houses of up to four bedrooms, and can protect combination boilers as well as vented and unvented cylinders. The Pearl is designed to protect against hard limescale deposits in domestic pipelines and on heating elements and surfaces, to protect appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines, and to make limescale-stained taps, sinks and bathtubs easier to clean. The Pearl fits around pipes of up to 24mm.

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HydroFLOW® HS40 Domestic

Home Limescale Protection for Larger Pipes. The HydroFLOW® HS40 is designed for domestic systems and is especially suitable for multi bath-roomed homes. Similar to its cousin the Pearl, the larger and more powerful HS40 is designed to offer a chemical-free alternative in addressing the effects of new and existing hard limescale encrustation on plumbing systems and the impact that this hard limescale has on the efficiency of and longevity of boilers and their increased energy usage. The unit can be fitted around pipes of up to 63mm diameter and of any material with no plumbing required.

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HydroFLOW® Pearl Plus Light Commercial

:Limescale Protection for Light Commercial Applications. The Pearl Plus is for use in low-pressure steam boilers, steam ovens and steam rooms and for humidifiers and evaporators. Protecting these appliances from limescale build-up and removing existing limescale can reduce maintenance and replacement costs and improve their efficiency. The Pearl Plus fits around pipes of up to 38mm, is suitable for all types of pipe material and works independent of flow rate. The Pearl Plus is designed to offer a chemical-free alternative in addressing the effects of new and existing hard limescale encrustation.

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K40 AQUAKLEAR Light Commercial

The K40 AQUAKLEAR is designed to improve the water quality of pools, hot tubs, spas, water features, and other related applications. Reducing bacterial levels and improving filtration in pools etc. leads to clearer and more pleasant water and a reduction in maintenance regimes and associated costs and a reduction in backwash. The K40 AQUAKLEAR has a range of benefits designed to make your system cheaper and easier to maintain, and more pleasant to use. The K40 AQUAKLEAR is designed to reduce bacteria levels, to reduce hazardous chlorine use (and its unpleasant smell), and to help improve filtration for lower turbidity and reduced backwash. The unit can be fitted around pipes of up to 63mm diameter and of any material with no plumbing required.

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C Range Commercial

Limescale Protection for Commercial Applications. The C Range is designed for limescale protection for heating, ventilation and plumbing services in offices, schools, hotels and other commercial buildings. These types of building can suffer from the effects of hard limescale build up on their boilers and on their heating and cooling equipment. This build up can not only reduce their overall efficiency, but can lead to expensive and time consuming maintenance or indeed to premature equipment failure. The applied signal can travel throughout the system including the cold services as well as the hot services, meaning that other equipment is similarly protected and deposits on sinks, taps etc. are easier to clean. The C Range is designed to offer a chemical-free alternative in addressing the effects of new and existing hard limescale encrustation on commercial boilers, heat exchangers and cooling systems. Standard units are available up to 200mm in diameter.

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P Range

P Range Commercial

The P RANGE AQUAKLEAR is designed to improve water quality in both commercial swimming pools and cooling towers.Swimming pools can suffer from high levels of chloramines and chlorine smell. Backwashing the filters means money is spent on sewage and water charges as well as on additional water heating. Flocculating material improves filtration and reduces backwashing, leading to lower energy usage, water and effluent charges, and also reduces chloramine levels and the associated smell. In cooling towers, flocculating material similarly reduces the amount of make-up water required and improves water quality. Preventing and removing limescale on heat exchangers and the tower itself reduces maintenance costs and improves their overall efficiency. The P RANGE AQUAKLEAR is designed to reduce bacteria levels, to improve filtration for lower turbidity and reduced backwash and are suitable for commercial pools and cooling towers. Standard P RANGE units are available in various sizes to fit pipes of any material up to 200mm in diameter.

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S Range

S Range Commercial

The S RANGE is designed specifically to deal with limescale in high pressure steam boilers. The S RANGE enables the use of untreated water for the steam boiler – straight from the mains or the bore hole. Preventing hard scaling on boiler tubes and gradually clearing up existing scale can lead to huge savings due to reduced maintenance costs and improved efficiency. The S RANGE is designed to address the effects of new and existing hard limescale encrustation and is suitable for high pressure steam boilers. Standard units are available up to 120mm in diameter.

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I Range

I Range Commercial

The i Range is designed for more challenging applications in industrial environments, which may suffer from a range of water treatment issues, and require limescale protection, flocculation and biofouling control. The Industrial Range is more powerful than the standard commercial unit. It features an integrated power supply, is fully waterproofed, and is designed for ease of connection to mains power and building management systems. The i Range is designed to improve water quality and to prevent and remove hard limescale. Standard i Range units are available in various sizes to fit pipes of any material up to 200mm in diameter.

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Custom Range

CUSTOM Commercial

For pipe sizes larger than 200mm in outer diameter, our commercial ranges are available as Custom units suitable for any pipe, from pipes of diameter 10 inches, to pipes of several meters in diameter. Custom units are designed for use in applications such as large cooling towers, power stations, mining and anywhere else high water flow necessitates greater pipe diameters.

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Learn more about how our products work in the real-world.

Sea Water Cooling
Sea Water Cooling

Single-pass Sea Water Cooling

Biofouling reduction

An alternative to cooling towers in the use of single-pass sea water cooling, where sea water is pumped through a heat exchanger, before being returned to the sea. This has the advantage of not leading to a heghten concentration level of scaling in the water, which in turn leads to scaling. However, these systems tend to suffer from problematic biofuling on the heat exchanger surfaces.

Government City Hall, Hong Kong

The cooling system in this government building was sufferning continualy efficiency reduction due the the biofouling on the heat exchanger blocking heat transfer and impeding its operation. After monitoring the temperature, flow rate and power consumption (without HydroFLOW®) for a year, a unit was installed and the parameters monitored.

It was found that while the efficiency of the unprotected system gradually dcreaased, when protected by HydroFLOW® the efficiency of the heat exchanger actually actually increased, leading to huge savings in energy and electricity costs.

  • Electricity saving over trial period of 25,780 kWh
  • Represents a saving of 17.3%
  • Saving over per year of $23,202 dollars

<i>Hydro</i>FLOW® installed on Jardne House

Unit installed on Jardine House sea water cooling system

Factory Cooling Systems
Factory cooling systems

Factory Cooling Systems

Limescale Reduction and Removal

Factories and manufacturing equipment produce large amounts of heat than need to be dissipated. Cooling systems are vulnerable to limescale, whether that be cooling towers, heat exchangers or cooling channels withing the production equipment itself. Limescale blockages can reuire expensive cleaning procedures and lead to excessive downtime and lost production. HydroFLOW can keep your equipment running smoothly.

Plastmann Corporation, Injection moulding

The Plastmann Corporation had a set of four cooling towers serving 3 chillers and a bank of 40 injection moulding machines. The factory used well water with a hardness of 10 grains (about 170ppm), meaning the chillers and moulds would continually suffer from scale. Despite preventative cleaning every 3-6 months, at least one or two injection machines would block, overheat and need to be stopped in the intervening period.

  • 50 -75% Savings on Maintenance Costs
  • Chemical usage reduced to near zero
  • Injection machines run without stoppage for a year.

<i>Hydro</i>FLOW® unit on tower

Unit protecting cooling tower

Steam Boiler, Commercial Trucking
Trucking Company Steam Boiler,USA

Trucking Company Steam Boiler

Limescale Reduction and Removal

This commercial trucking company from Rosemount, Minnesota, USA, operated a 60 horse power low pressure natural gas steam boiler, with the steam used during the truck wash process. The water used in the boiler was well water with calcium carbonate hardness of over 200 PPM. A water softener reduced the hardness to roughly 30 PPM. Antiscalant was also used. Due to excessive scale accumulation in the boiler, even with softening and chemical usage, the head of maintenance decided to evaluate HydroFLOW®’s ability to descale the steam boiler and prevent further scale formation. A unit was installed on August the 1st, 2013. The boiler was not cleaned on installation to allow for evaluation of the HydroFLOW® unit's ability to remove existing scale.


After 6 months the boiler was inspected. Flakes and layers of scale were gradually being removed and the remaining scale was very brittle. Stack temperature has dropped from 296° F to 272° F in 6 months, which demonstrates an 8% increase in heat transfer efficiency. The efficiency is expected to further increase as scale continues to be removed from the system. The removal of scale can be greatly accelerated if the steam boiler will be fed with unsoftened water, however the water softener was not turned off s it serves the entire truck wash system and there is no bypass for the boiler feed.

Steam boiler tubes before <i>Hydro</i>FLOW®


Steam boiler tubes after <i>Hydro</i>FLOW®


HVAC and Cooling Towers
Cooling Towers

HVAC and Cooling Towers

Limescale and Biofouling Reduction

Cooling towers are vital in a large range of applications, from air conditioning in residential or commercial buildings to large scale cooling in heavy industry and power generation. Cooling towers suffer from a number of problems which HydroFLOW® can address. A major issue is limescale on the heat exchangers, which reduces cooling efficiency and requires ongoing maintenance expenses. Additionally, there can be problems in the tower itself, either due to limescale again, or due to bacterial or algae growth. Treatment with HydroFLOW® can prevent hard scale encrustation in the heat exchanger and on the tower, and reduce the biofouling. This allows operation with lower (or zero) chemical treatment and higher cycles of concentration, reducing the money spend on sewage and drain down as well as chemical treatment.

RB1 Building, Brasil

The cooling tower shown below, on the RB1 building in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, shows an example of the possible benefits of HydroFLOW®. With HydroFLOW® protecting against scaling on the heat exchanger and the tower, the tower could increase the cycles of concentration from 4 to 25 cycles, with a corresponding decrease in make-up water and the associated water and sewerage charges. The thermal efficiency was also maintained at a high level – before protection with HydroFLOW®, the tower required four recirculation pumps during the summer months to reach the required cooling level. After treatment, the tower could be run with only three pumps, giving a 25% decrease in the associated costs.

  • Cycles of concentration up from 4 to 25
  • Decrease in make-up water and sewage charges
  • 25% reduction in pump power requirements

Swimming Pool Treatment
Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Treatment

Backwash Reduction and Improved Filtration

Ensuring that water quality is at the highest level is an ongoing battle for operators of pools of any size, from Olympic pools and water parks to household spas. In any pool the two main challenges are maintaining efficient filtration of the water, and keeping the bacterial count low without adding too much chlorine. HydroFLOW® uses non-chemical flocculation to help existing filters work more effectively. The water becomes clearer, and the filter itself becomes easier to clean. This means that the amount of water wasted on backwashing – and the energy and chemicals used to heat and treat it – can be dramatically reduced. Reductions in the total amount of backwashing commonly reach 66%, and the savings on water, sewage and chemical charges can be huge. Additionally, as chloramine levels are lowered, the “Swimming Pool Smell” and eye irritation is also reduced.

500 Cubic Meter Outdoor Pool

The pool shown below is a 500 cubic meter outdoor pool. Before treatment with HydroFLOW®, they were using 34.3 kg of chlorine/ day and 4.3 kg of acid. They were backwashing an average of 1.5 times per week, equivalent to 18 cubic meters per week. The pool was treated with HydroFLOW® for a trial period of 6 weeks. Over this time, the chlorine used was reduced by approximately 47% and the acid used was reduced by around 70%. Backwashing frequency was reduced to an average of 0.5 times per week, corresponding to a 66% reduction in the amount of backwash water. The drop in backwash water volume and chemical use had a knock-on effect of making the maintenance of the pool easier and more convenient.

  • 66% reduction in backwash
  • 47% reduction in chlorine
  • 70% reduction in acid use

Factory Pipelines and Heat Exchangers
Pipeline Biofouling

Factory Pipelines and Heat Exchangers

Biofouling Removal

HydroFLOW® can assist not only with treatment and prevention of limescale, but also with eradication of unwanted biological deposits, known as biofouling. Biofouling refers to the problem of biological material such as bacteria collecting on the surface of equipment and impeding its operation. Commonly bacteria cling to surfaces in a gelatinous layer, which among other problems, can impede heat transfer and reduce efficiency. Biofouling is particularly a problem in food production or in other industries dealing with biological material (such as paper production), or in cooling systems operating on naturally sourced water from the sea or rivers. HYDROPATH’s patented technology can remove existing biofouling in heat exchangers and pipework and prevent its reoccurrence, saving time and money on maintenance and cleaning.

Meat Factory, Ukraine

An example of the benefits of HydroFLOW® is shown below. This Ukrainian meat processing plant had a severe biofouling problem in the steam boiler for seven years. Frequent shutdowns were required for deep cleaning which would only temporarily solve the problem. After three months of treatment with HydroFLOW®, not only had the layer of biofouling been removed, but the lingering unpleasant odour had disappeared and the bacterial contamination of the output steam had been eliminated.

Pipeline biofouling before <i>Hydro</i>FLOW®


Pipeline biofouling after <i>Hydro</i>FLOW®


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